Fr. Tom Cerulo Memorial Scholarship

The recipient of the 2020-2021 Fr. Tom Memorial Scholarship is Adaugo Emerson, a sophomore student at the University of Maryland College Park who is pursuing a degree in Mechanical Engineering and hopes to someday develop and manufacture prosthetics that will help those in need. Adaugo's story captured our hearts as a story that the Fr. Tom Memorial Scholarship celebrates. Congratulations, Adaugo! We commend you for your hard work, academic achievements, and determination, and we wish you well as you continue to pursue your academic endeavors.

Fr. Thomas N. Cerulo, a member of the Roman Catholic order of Trinitarian Priests, affectionately known as Fr. Tom, was my brother, who was taken away from us way too soon in 2011. Tom was a hard-working priest devoted to his community and congregations. You would often find Tommy with a brush and bucket of water scrubbing floors right next to the sisters and his maintenance team. There was no task too small or too large for Tom. The beautiful part of Tom, and there were many, was his acceptance of all people. For a Catholic priest, he made no judgments on anyone’s life choices. Everyone was invited to worship in his church and everyone was welcomed in his heart. He inspires me every day to be a good person and to try in some small way to carry on his work of giving back.