Embrace The Cold

By now on the East Coast, we have had enough of snow and are ready for the warmth of spring.  We still have a month or so to go before the threat of snow ends.  We might as well embrace it and enjoy it!!  When you look outside and see the blanket of white, it's like having a clean slate to play with.  Imagine that, the slate is clean and you can start over..........anytime!!   Use the combined snow and cold as a time to slow down and reflect on where you want life to take you.  Just like you drive slow in the bad weather, drive your life slower a little bit right now.  Take a look at where you were and where you are now.  Some of us really want and need to make some significant changes while others are very happy where our lives are now.  This could be a time where YOU chose which direction you want to take your life.  Chose for YOU, not other people. In the long run, when you are happy, the world around you will feel happy.  If there is someone who is negative about your choices or jealous about your life, perhaps it's time to re-evaluate that relationship.  I have done that over the past few years.  Family loss had me take a close look at relationships that were wearing me down.  Actually, it was during the winter months, that I started to make the decision to let those relationships go.  My life is much fuller and richer having let those toxic relationships go.  It took being forced to slow down to closely examine what I needed to change.  So, now, when the snow & cold slow me down, I welcome this time of year as the universe's gift for me to make my life more joyful.