Digital Depression

Digital Depression

I am reading Motivation Manifesto by Brendon Burchard. The author devotes a great deal of time towards our society’s fixation with being connected. His words are a gentle reminder to disconnect. Think about how we are behaving in the world now when it comes to everything digital:

We have our cell phones on 24/7
We are notified every time someone blows their nose on social media (at least that’s what it is almost reduced to)
We and our children are holding a Smartphone, tablet or have earphones connected to our heads where we can’t even hear when a loved one is speaking
We respond to emails at all hours and at all places
Are we crazy to think that the constant tap tap tap or “swiping/clicking” as Burchard writes does not cause a negative mental state? Many times when I look on Facebook I see very negative commentary or inappropriate rants. I have started to “un-friend” the folks who continuously post stuff that is toxic or pretentious. I don’t need to see it! I have logged out of Facebook on all of my devices because I don’t need one more nudge of something being posted. I’ll check it when I choose or if I choose.

The whole texting concept still has me baffled. I can see getting to someone quickly or it’s a short communication once in a while but when texting replaces full blown conversations, I can’t get my head around the wisdom of the interaction. I was guilty of that but I have since stopped or told the other person to call me if they want to talk further. When I have opted to call the other person and get a voicemail when I know they just had the phone in their hand ½ a second ago, it confirms the craziness of texting or perhaps the “cowardness” of texting. The device started to get more attention than my wife and it keeps my head down. I want to keep my head up to enjoy life. People don’t talk anymore and I just don’t get it. Since I have changed my own relationship with my cell phone I am feeling much more energized and relaxed. Our eyes never get a rest from manufactured light and again it is such a waste of precious life.

I have also learned that I don’t have to respond to an email in the same second it was sent unless it’s an urgent need. It is normal to take time to prepare a response or even pick up the phone to engage in live conversation depending on the nature of the email. It is absolutely crazy when people continuously hide behind email rather than picking up the phone. When I hear that people break up over email or text, I shake my head in the craziness of it all.

We have to rethink our relationship with the digital world because it IS very valuable AND it has caused a lot of hardship when not used responsibly. Sometimes words in an email or text are taken out of context thus causing undesirable outcomes. Maybe a phone call would have produced an easier resolution. For whatever reason we have disconnected from humanity and connected to digital demons as a way of life. STOP IT!!!

I hear and read about more negative feelings about digital interactions which lead to sadness or anger and typically ends in a form of depression. I encourage the younger generation not to compare yourself with what you see over Social Media. You are far more beautiful than that both inside and out!! So what will it take for us to communicate in a simpler manner? Put the digital devices down for a while and set some boundaries for yourself. You may find that there is much more time freed up to enjoy life, to love, to play and just to be. Sounds blissful to me!!!