Baltimore’s Real Marathon

In one week our city has changed and it will continue to change. It’s sad that it took such unrest for people to be heard and the beginning of justice to be served. Over the past week hundreds and thousands of people have jumped in to clean up after the riots and begin our rebuilding process. It has been incredible to see everyone contribute in the simplest ways from sweeping the debris, loading/unloading trucks of supplies for families in need to peacefully walking the streets in solidarity. The curfew has been lifted and for most parts of the city the regular routines have been restored.

Now we must keep a very important question in mind. Do we really want to “restore” Baltimore to the way it was pre-riots? This is our opportunity for change and putting the necessary checks and balance in place to protect each other and the police. Everyone could have acted differently…..everyone!!!! And what I wish is that true accountability comes out of the journey Baltimore is about to embark on via the legal and political system.

Soon the brooms, shovels and supply trucks will leave Baltimore and as long as it’s quiet, the media and the rest of the world will assume that everything has calmed down. Let’s hope the national media leave us all alone. I applaud our local media reporters who did a magnificent job with “real” coverage while displaying such vulnerability, courage and sensitivity. Get lost Geraldo Rivera… don’t need to come back to our City!!!

Until we achieve fairness, Baltimore will continue to hurt as well as every other city across the country faced with systematic discrimination and oppression. This will take a long time to heal and repair a much broken system. The marathon has truly begun!! As they say “slow and steady wins the race” and this will be our time to proudly declare to the country that Baltimore leads the way for change! We WILL have justice and I am certain that Marilyn Mosbey will do everything in her power to make sure that the correct facts are presented.

Outside the courthouse is where our real marathon will be run. We need to come together as a collective community to mentor the youth in Baltimore City, give them places to play/create/dream and show them that what they dream can accomplish. We must surround the small business community who lost businesses and guide them back to business. Let’s not allow them to board up the store and give up. This is when we will stand together with resolve and come back stronger. We must give, we must teach and we must NEVER GIVE UP!!!