What does LGBT really mean?

Acronyms are part of our daily life so today I’ll focus on LGBT. For those who don’t know, it stands for Lesbian-Gay-Bisexual-Transgender diversity. What it really means is Love-Great-Beautiful-Tenderness because that is how the LGBT community has learned to view life because we have experienced the opposite adjectives by being held as different; yet we are ALL very much the same.

Unfortunately, there are still plenty of people who roll their eyes when LGBT is spoken. It’s almost like we are a group of mosquitoes to be swatted away. We are equal and it’s up to some of the human race to not be fearful. Don’t worry, we won’t sting you. More than likely we’ll be the person who helps to heal you as a healthcare or mental health professional. We’ll be the person who helps you buy your house or help your college bound child get financial aid as well as a bunch of other really important life events.

Having lived through times of my life over the 30+ years that I have been part of the LGBT community, I now have a greater passion to see that all people are treated fairly. If I only focus on helping the LGBT community than I am just as much of a discriminator as peers who shun me……and that’s not how I want to live my life. I was taught that God is everywhere and He judges no one, so help me to understand why people have taken on the role that judgment comes from a human being and not God? Stop it!!!

For those who read this and treat all people equally, then you understand where I am coming from. The name of the game is to treat others as we would want ourselves treated….end of story. To those who have issue with the LGBT community, first, thanks for taking the time to read my blog and secondly I have to ask, “What are you afraid of?” We are all in this world together to live a good life, see that our kids and grand-kids have everything they need and to feel loved. So why should any of the controversy matter? I want to be heard just as much as you do. I want politicians on both sides of the house to stop stealing from Americans and I’m kind of done with both parties. So why do you think I’m any different than you? I pray every morning and night, I love my family of origin and my family of choice with an undying loyalty so again I say, we are very much the same.