One Small Change

My plan was to write about Gay Pride month yet the murders in South Carolina last week have taken front and center attention to matters where we all bear responsibility. Will we ever know the real reason behind these senseless deaths? We have heard so many commentaries, so many accusations and sadly so many political groups hurling blame on one another as to the reason why this young man shot people amidst a prayer group. This is not the time and place for the spin doctors. It is a time for us to change.
Sadly there is still a divide between people whether it is color, gender, religion, sexual preference and any belief that is passionate for a human being. We have wars occurring about matters started over 2000 years ago and in America we are have silent wars brewing about anyone who is living life as they were created. While I am not a regular church goer, I have a spiritual devotion to my faith in God. Help me to understand that if God had a child birthed with any color skin, who are we to say that the human being with that color is any more or less than the next child born? It is a huge responsibility to take on making these judgments. Science research will show that it is harder to hate than to love. So, again I ask, why are we making life harder for ourselves?
When I see a confederate flag flying I scratch my head as to why this is still the case? Yet, many of us probably haven’t given it a lot of thought because we are not living in an area that has the confederate flag flying. Why are we still giving voice or attention to a symbol of slavery and hate? Take it down and make room for a symbol of peace. Approximately 750,000 people lost their lives during the Civil War between 1861-1865 fighting over ideals relating to slavery. And here we are in 2015 still harming one another because of the color of our skin!!!? Why are we subjecting ourselves to harm……….stop it!!! We need to take care of each other, not harm each other.
We as a human race have perpetuated the conversation about different rights based on the color of people’s skin. We give in to jokes, we give in to stereotypes and even though it might seem like a small giggle, we are still allowing the discrimination to continue………..even with our silence. When we are in the company of someone putting a diverse group down, either walk away or tell them to stop. Joining in increases the momentum of hate. Change our own behavior with “making fun”. There are plenty of other topics to laugh at.
With the South Carolina tragedy still front and center, as it should be, we have to pay attention to how innocent and loving people lost their lives that day. Perhaps in their memory there will be a positive shift in America. I pray for that to happen. Let this be a time that we check our privilege or sense of righteousness at the door and open our arms to all people. I challenge us all to make one effort to make sure that this behavior of hate stops. It can be simply saying hello to a person we would never have acknowledged before, be a youth mentor to a kid from the inner city. Help them to open doors of opportunity. And there are so many other ways to live in unconditional acceptance. We can create that type of world and it’s much healthier for our mind, body and soul. Change to Love!!