Siblings and Sunshine

I had the wonderful experience of spending a few days at the Jersey Shore with my siblings and their families last week. The last time we were all together at the shore was in 1985; wow that’s 30 years ago!!! It was great to be together at this stage of our lives and to see all the babies grown up carrying their own babies. The sun shined brightly in the sky as well as in my heart.

As I enjoyed seeing everyone, I was reminded how our family has changed over the years with the loss of my 2 older brothers as well as my 91 year old mom chose to stay home as the trip was too much for her. In some ways it was a bittersweet trip yet in spite of missing the physical presence of loved ones, their spirits definitely showed up numerous times. As I recognized the subtle presence of my brothers, I felt a sense of peace and comfort. There was no need for sadness but gratitude that they truly were with us in another form.

I feel very fortunate to have come from a close knit family. We are loyal to each other to a fault. While we don’t always agree on things, there is an unconditional love that stays present no matter what. In having 2 of us leave our earthly presence (see, sometimes it’s hard for me to use the “d” word) there is a greater appreciation and patience for each other now that was not always present 5 years ago. When I hear others share disturbing stories of their sibling relationships, I am grateful that I am the youngest of a line of a really fabulous sister and brother(s). They are really, really good people who give from their hearts, sometimes to a fault and don’t ask for anything in return. They value others hard work and are in the trenches getting things done with their teams. Nothing is above them to take on. I learned from the best of the best!!

I also grew up watching them chose spouses who complimented their personalities and were equally as giving and kind as them. As parents, they are incredible givers and role models. The greatest gift is when your“in-law” feels like your brother and sister as well. So our family really comprises of 5 girls and 4 boys, not just the original 5 and that is magical. And so I followed their examples and chose an amazing spouse & soul mate.

While I would like to tell you to please reconnect with your sibling(s) if you have not been in contact with them because of a fall out, I’ll leave that choice up to you to decide. Sometimes the distance is the healthiest choice and sometimes finding a way to overcome a disagreement might open up a whole new joyful relationship. Again, we are the only ones who know our wounds. I will always be the youngest of 5 not matter where any of us are on the planet or the universe. Now, I see my brother’s presence in my remaining sister and brother as well as myself and that tells me that we are all still very much connected no matter where life takes our journey. So three cheers to my sister and 3 brothers!!! You are loved and cherished, shining deeply within my heart, forever!!