The Good Humor Truck

Remember that feeling when The Good Humor Truck drove into our neighborhoods when we were kids? It’s almost as though we had super human hearing that the song was heard well into the distance. Some of us would run up the street and wait to see when the truck would turn down our street. We’d run, screaming with such joy as the driver would slowly pull to the side of the street. He was always so careful, so happy to help us and sometimes threw in an extra scoop. That was pure bliss as a kid.

We all begged our parents for spare change and ran outside with smiles on our faces eagerly waiting our turn in line. I can remember such excitement when I got to the window. I would be hanging onto the ledge asking for my red-white-blue Popsicle and paying Mr. Good Humor with lots of change. Sometimes I would save my pennies and nickels so my mom wouldn’t need to give me anything. I wanted to show her that I knew how to save money and deep down I figured out that if I already had the money in my pocket, I could save time having to run home first and then I could be first in line. Isn’t it funny the little things that we learned as we grew up?

Standing in the Good Humor line was being part of something really special for a little kid. It taught me to plan, to save money, to listen for the cues when he was turning the corner. This memory came up for me as I saw some pictures on Facebook with a Good Humor truck coming to a little boy’s birthday party. It brought smiles to my face.

Then I thought about the neighborhoods where an ice cream truck just won’t drive into because of its location. What about the families who can’t afford to buy their kids an ice cream? It’s even more real in today’s world then it was 50 years ago. I sometimes think about renting out a truck and driving into an Inner City community and giving out the ice cream for free. Can you even imagine the joy on a little kids face to be handed a big Popsicle? That is a joyful thought and it is so inclusive. Isn’t that what life should be about…………..there’s plenty for everyone and everyone is welcomed?? That’s the kind of world I want to live in.

While that is not really as it is today, we can make it that way everywhere we go. We can share with others who have less than we do, we can give of our time to help those in need, we can pay it forward and buy someone a treat when they least expect it. Most importantly, we can include everyone. The feeling of being left out is devastating at any age. So when you are thinking about leaving someone out, or not extending an invitation, you might want to check in with yourself on how would that feels if you were told that The Good Humor Man wasn’t allowed to give you a Popsicle. I bet we all would choose differently.