Power Comes in Numbers

Last week I attended the annual conference for NGLCC, the National Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce. For the past 3 years I have attended and walked away each time more empowered to do the work of opening doors for opportunity and closing down discrimination toward the LGBT population of which I am a proud member.

Being in the space of like minded people who have NO frame of reference of hate or looking down their nose at the LGBT community is incredible. We do so much more good together and we collaborate in a way that only forwards each other’s businesses. I find this venue to be more collaborative than any of the women focused events I attend. Unfortunately, I still see women clawing at each other to get business. Fortunately, I have 2 amazing women owned teaming partners who I have built an incredible relationship with and we work together on contracts. Outside of these 2 amazing women, most of the other female staff augmentation owners I come across approach me in a way to get versus give.

In the LGBT business space, so many of us are sharing information and looking at how to add value to each other rather than leaving any of us behind. We are probably so used to being left behind or ignored that being part of an organization where sharing and giving is easy has us all expand both professionally and personally. This makes it easy to give. Remember, giving begets others to give when in a healthy relationship.

I am honored to be part of the NGLCC family and to give to my colleagues. The wisdom that I receive in return is priceless and has brought much enrichment to AdNet as well as to myself personally. Each time I attend an NGLCC event I walk away with a deeper commitment to the cause of removing discrimination in the LGBT community. I say NO MORE and if you want to have a spirited conversation on the topic, bring it on!!! Just know that I will keep coming at you to remove your blinders of ignorance.

Thank you to my LGBT business family and to NGLCC for paving the way towards equality in business. We are a very courageous group of people and I am proud everyday!!!