It’s The Law!!!

When a directive is on the books as “Law” we are told to follow that law or be arrested with jail time. So last week when Kim Davis refused to issue same sex marriage certificates, she was sent to jail, rightfully so. She broke the law!! Here is where church and state have no business getting into each other’s matters.

Everyone is entitled to their own beliefs. I still go back to the fact that God does not judge, we do and many times wrongfully so. What on earth does the LGBT community do that is so terrible that people shun us from enjoying the same rights as everyone else in the United States? Why are we laughed at, we are held back professionally, families turn their back on us, we are physically and emotionally abused because of living life freely as ourselves with 99.9% of the time, not bothering a soul. I bet the statistics for successful same-sex marriages/relationships is higher than heterosexual. Why? Because we don’t even need a piece of paper to hold our relationships at the high regard that they deserve. The piece of paper has now become the icing on the cake after a long journey of ridicule. We have WON and that’s why people are so defiant.

This is what passionately drives me to advocate and protect diverse populations. It’s not fair people; stop acting like God and dictating you own commandments on us. We have done NOTHING to harm you, NOTHING to harm your family and certainly NOTHING to harm humanity. Anyone who waves their flag on denigrating us as a community is harmful and toxic.

Politicians leave us alone and go spend time on fixing the problems that you cause because of your ego and greed. We have done NOTHING to you. Our hard work gives you a paycheck and benefits that you don’t deserve. You aren’t working hard for us or anyone else for that matter except your own greedy agenda. And now you circle around a person like Kim Davis as though you are her savior. If it weren’t election season, you wouldn’t even show up Ted Cruz or Mike Huckabee. I bet if someone from the LGBT community said they would fund your campaign, you would take every penny. And Kim Davis, the power of acceptance is getting stronger with each passing day so eventually your actions and name will fade away into the sunset.

We have WON and no one will take away that right; THE LAW!!