The Salt Trap

This weekend we were reading the newspaper and clipping coupons. We came across several offerings for desserts that are “salted chocolate this” and “salted caramel that”. I just shook my head in horror at the madness that we have created in food choices especially for our kids. Everywhere you look is something processed that is being marketed as the next best thing? Yes, it is the next best thing to pouring cement into our arteries. Have we all gone blind that we can’t see the problem with obesity in adults and now our children? We are indirectly killing off the next generation when we feed them these crappy choices in food. That is a tragedy.

Since when did we put salt on our chocolate? The thought of salt in my ice cream makes my stomach turn. If you tell me that I just have to try it, my response would be why would I want to now make my occasional coveted dessert into a time bomb for my heart? I think Americans think it tastes so good because food in general is over salted. When I go to a fine restaurant, many times a meal comes out too salty. Well, they just ruined a very expensive meal which is why we chose to eat at home often. We prepare mouth watering dishes that are so healthy.

Americans need to wake up, put healthy food into their mouths and get off the couch and move!! What possibly are you learning by sitting in front of the TV for hours on end? What are your kids learning by being glued to technology for hours? We now have too much salt and too little conversation. Why are we choosing to shorten our lives? And why are we not caring enough about our kids to feed them healthy meals? When I see an overweight child, my heart aches. I bet a kid would much rather be running around a playground then watching TV, climbing a tree than playing a video game, riding a bicycle than eating a big bag of potato chips and playing in the waves than glued to a computer. When I was a kid we watched TV and ran around outside, climbed trees and played board games, rode bikes and ate a small bag of chips and played in the waves and went to the movies. We did it all and grew up healthy without obesity.

I just don’t understand how we continue to encourage adding more salt to an already over-salted society. Why are people not paying attention to this? We are consistently poisoning our bodies with toxic foods and beverages? I am not saying to give it all up; I am saying there is a time and place for everything and to practice moderation. Just slow down and use food preparation as meditation time. Use this as a time to pray if you are not getting your time in the morning. Use food prep as an art and make it fun. Experiment with new flavors but whatever you do, a dash of salt is more than enough. There are amazing spices that create incredible flavors much better than salt. We just need to take the time to discover what is available. Aren’t we all worth it?

When we are healthy our workplaces are healthy. Funny how that works and it really is a simple step to make our work lives feel better.