We Shine for The City of Lights

Last week’s acts of terrorism on Paris has caused us all to stop and look again at the preciousness of life. Innocent people were enjoying an evening at café’s and a concert only to have life stopped abruptly by cowards. No one can wrap our arms around the repeated terrorist attacks throughout Europe as well as the numerous shootings on college campuses across the United States.

When I listen to the news reports about the evil people behind these acts, it is said that they speak words like “this is for God”. God does not inflict pain on people so how they use religion as a crutch for violence is deadly. This appears to be the common theme behind terrorist attacks, US shootings and even people denying people of obtaining their marriage licenses. Who are we to write the rules of God and determine who lives, who dies and who gets to have rights? We’ve got it all wrong by judging, harming and playing God with other people’s lives.

If these ISIS terrorists are so against another countries choice, then why are they going after innocent people and not confronting the countries leaders? We, the citizens, are often held hostage by the acts of a country’s political system; and if the terrorists listened to how we really feel, they would hear that many of us who sit in a café, go to a theater or stroll along a city street, are disenchanted by the choices our political system makes.

While we may be disenchanted and frustrated by our politicians and leaders, we also know that harming another human is the wrong way to make a statement. When we act in peace, extend more acts of kindness than harm, our souls shine and more people will listen.

As I pray for peace and healing for my brothers & sisters in Paris (we are all connected) I am also taking more time to be kind, to not lose my temper, to offer a helping hand and to give from my heart. Though we are far away nestled in the perceived safety of the United States, we can offer healing through our energy, our words and our thoughts. It might sound small yet it’s a start.

I shine for Paris.