Happy Thanksgiving

Life is filled with gratitude at every turn. As part of my morning grounding ritual which includes prayer, meditation and journaling, I start off with writing a daily mantra and 5 things for which I am grateful. Some days it’s small and other days a major “Thank you God”!! This practice allows me to see the simple things that surround me every day which keep life in perspective during tough days.

When I left the house this morning, my wife had all the baking stuff out to prepare for her apple and pumpkin pie masterpieces. By the time I return home this afternoon, the house will smell amazing. As I drove to work this morning there are lots of folks parked in the grocery store lot and heading in with long lists of Thanksgiving favorites.

I have wonderful memories of growing up and having a packed house either at my Mom’s or Nan’s. Served were the Italian favorites like melon & prosciutto, wedding soup, ravioli and then the turkey came with plenty of trimmings. It was an amazing meal and we all seemed to have plenty of room for everything. We would take a break while the table was cleaned off, then out came a huge salad with fennel & celery on the side. It helped us digest after a big meal. Then there was another break before the desserts were put on the table including apple & pumpkin pie, cannoli, Italian cookies and after dinner drinks. All the while football games were on there was happy activity in the kitchen. It was always amazing to me what was created in the small kitchens of yesteryear.

As I prepare for the holiday with cleaning, setting the table and jumping into the cooking wherever my wife allows, I keep the wonderful memories close to my heart while enjoying the moment with my wife, kids and granddaughters. I am truly grateful for the life that God has given to me and I value it every day.

In the midst of the rush and the planning for Black Friday, I wish for you to always keep at the forefront that Thanksgiving is about gratitude for all we are and have. Before you race to the kitchen on Thanksgiving morning, take a few minutes to stop and think about 5 things you are most grateful for this season.

May the joy of the day bring you and your family much peace, tons of smiles and an abundance of love. Thank you for all you are to me and to AdNet.