Why Inclusion is a Great Thing!!!

We accomplish so much more when we include others. There is such a focus on diversity & inclusion within corporate America, finally!!! Everyone deserves a piece of the business pie to be shared fairly.

Over the past few years, the LGBT community has been invited to the table as partners for business in corporate America. I always say that if the door is going to open for my company because I am part of the LGBT or WBE community, that’s great yet it’s our exemplary service that keeps us in the door!!! I take it very seriously that if I am out there opening doors for the younger generation of business owners as others have done for me, then I will be one of the best in our industry. And I feel like we are accomplishing that every day. You may wonder why I am not saying that we have accomplished it? Well, one must be their best in business every day and every day business demands are changing. We move with the needs of our clients and internal employees. So we take one day at a time and act be our best.

Within the journey of inclusion, we still exclude. So, I “crusade” along with my other LGBT peers to make it a safer and fairer place for our business community. Yet, if we within our community are excluding each other because of gender and ethnicity then we are moving through quicksand to include all people. We are missing the boat of what inclusion is really all about.

It’s a fact that Caucasian gay men still have the advantage over the rest of us in the LGBT community. That’s not fair and I am blowing the whistle on the disparity wherever I can. If we are breaking down barriers to be accepted than it must be all the way around. We have to make space for everyone AND we are not to exclude those outside the LGBT community. This isn’t an exclusive club, this is life and all the personalities and backgrounds come together to make a beautiful blend of wisdom & expertise.

Just as we take to the streets when ignorant public servants don’t issue marriage licenses, we need to also take to the streets for world peace and that includes all of us. We need to understand each other’s challenges and find ways to be inclusive so our collective experiences can allow for collaboration.

So as we approach 2016, let’s be inclusive everywhere, in our workplaces, in our neighborhoods and in our families.