The Small Business Engine

Often times there will be statements in the news saying that “small business is the backbone of the American economy”. That is so very true. There are far more small businesses in the United States than large corporations and we employ way more people that our behemoth counterparts. Not to mention, we are downright just great! I’ll tell you why!

A small business has to be nimbler, more flexible and quicker to respond to our client’s needs. If we don’t, there are so many more choices knocking at their door to take away the business. Many of our large competitors show up with their glitzy presentations, elaborate give-a-ways and sales pitches that offer big results at lower prices. They can do that because their massive growth is based off volume. Look at how Walmart has cornered many markets and put many small stores out of business yet this evening I saw on the news how Walmart is closing 150 stores across the country. This is not the only large chain feeling some pains from high growth.

The large businesses just don’t have the level of quality and care as the small businesses. As an owner, I can say this on behalf of many of my colleagues……we bring a passion that leaves our large counterparts in the dust. While we are guided by budgets and facts, it is often our intuition that determines the final outcome. The reason is that we are closer to the pulse of our clients and our employee’s needs. We see it, we feel it, we breath it. In 26 years of owning my company, not a day or even an hour goes by where I am not thinking about the AdNet engine and all the people who drive it.

I’m actually writing this blog at 2:00am because my mind is working through an obstacle that just won’t let me sleep. So rather than grind it out as I stare at the ceiling, I’m at my desk writing out strategies, resolving a problem and asking questions to open up possibilities. I think the only time I ever said “I give up” was over how a landlord was handling an issue in the office building. Other than that, I charge through a problem like an eagle because no person or situation (other than God’s will) deters me from taking my company to where we need to go. Telling me “no” simply means “no for now”. And no one gets to mess with my employees. They are part of the ongoing legacy of AdNet and I go to all lengths to protect them, push them and teach them to be the best they can be even when we would rather kick back. A small business must always step up to be ahead of the competition. We are Olympian’s at every level within the business. We practice, stretch our potential and play to WIN while keeping the lines of communication open. It’s just like an engine; for it to run at its best, the lines are flushed, the fluids are changed and the driver must pay attention to how it feels……much like an engine. We are proudly the backbone of the American economy and we take it very seriously.