Foster Compassion over Fear, Love over Hate and Prosperity over Poverty.

This is my country, a place where I was taught I could be anything I want when I grew up. And it is a land of opportunity. While I don’t agree with some of the limiting conversations about certain topics, I’m proud of America.

Over the past few weeks there have been many disturbing scenes on TV regarding the 2016 election. While it’s not a good thing to mix business with politics, I’m taking a stand as a diverse business owner to make a statement.

Listening to any individual bully people on the news is horrific. This is a major issue that we are working hard to protect our children and our workplaces from this behavior. Why would we now allow it and laugh at it with anyone who wants to be a very important leader in the world? AdNet will not allow discrimination towards any diverse group and will not support leaders in corporate or government roles who demean others.

I get that many people are angry about the inequities within our system. There are way too many incidents with negative impacts!!! It faces all of us yet fostering hatred does not change it. The political system of greed needs to change which includes all sides. The hatred that candidates are spewing is like fanning a fire. What good is it doing? Nothing!! The events on the news is messaging to children and adults that it’s okay to be a bully, that it’s okay to make sexual harassing comments to women, that it’s okay to make personal attacks on competitors looks and to keep people out of our country when the issue is that the system in which the government vets people before they enter the country needs to be more thorough. We have critical problems with multiple shootings across the country which again is linked to a vetting process. We have issues in workplaces because there are deficiencies in the vetting process and the middle class is working harder for less money and women are paid less than men. Why are they shouting over each other? Stop – Listen – Change!!! Our children are looking to the adults for direction and it is our responsibility to communicate empowering messages that get good results. We owe that to them no matter who we are.

As a caring citizen and business owner, however this election goes, AdNet/AccountNet stands for equality and for empowerment for all people. I pray every day that the universe guides our country to the best choices so we can foster compassion over fear, love over hate and prosperity over poverty.