New Beginnings

The Easter Season has always been a time of new beginnings and new life. We celebrate the Resurrection of Christ. It’s a sacred day as well as the beginning of Spring with flowers and trees budding around us eager to burst with color. As we prepare for this day with whatever tradition we practice, let’s remember all those who have lost loved ones in the Brussels attacks. It’s easy to get so caught up in getting ready for Easter that we don’t even think about what people like us are experiencing in parts of the world where war is commonplace each day.

I am visiting my mom this Easter week. We have talked about Easters from years ago and how wonderful the day was for our family. She and my grandmother cooked and baked all week, the house was blessed on Holy Saturday and we attended all the church services. I whined having to sit through such long services yet now I find any long service to be a time of mediation and prayer. How I have come full circle!!

Easter Sunday was always joyful with amazing food and lots of family around the table. No one was pressured with a work deadline and everyone was fully present. There were no cell phones causing distraction and the food was prepared with healthy ingredients and especially made with so much love. I can remember Easter night when everyone went home, we had The Ten Commandments playing on the television as my mom cleaned up. She loved this time because it was quiet and years later she said that it was her mediation and down time to take in the events of the day. Sometimes, at night you would hear one of us sneaking downstairs to dive into the left overs, especially the Icebox Cake. It was a special time; a simple time.

The Easter vacation break typically was spending a few nights at my grandparents’ house which was a time of being totally spoiled. My grandmother had Captain Crunch cereal waiting for me at the breakfast table each morning and we went into town (Cranford, NJ) to shop which usually ended with an ice cream cone. The big night was Thursday as that was my Nan’s bowling night and it was so exciting to head to Garwood Lanes. Nanny bowled well into her 80’s!! These were the simple things that made the Easter holiday really special growing up.

Today, as I reminisce with my 91-year-old mom while holding her hand, I remind myself that these simple things are treasured times. Though we can’t ever go back, we can bring these traditions to our present life and keep it simple as we embrace the season of new beginning.