Words like Transformation, Transition, Transport, Transfer are really all about some type of journey or path taken. Transgender is now a very prominent word in our language today. Yet it seems to be conjuring up fear and hate. A transgender person is also on a journey and probably the most important journey of their life to truly be who their soul is calling them to be. It’s not a choice because not honoring “the call” leaves that person much less of who they really want to be in this world. As far as I’m concerned, they are TransGreat!!!

Over the past weeks we have seen the states of Mississippi and North Carolina shun the LGBT and Transgender communities whether it’s in workplace or bathroom rights. Are they really serious that now legislation is taking up tax payers money on where someone can go to the bathroom? How have we become so insensitive and frightened? The unsettling behaviors of politicians are attempting to undo the work that was done during the 1960’s to fight for Civil Rights. I guess we have not finished doing our work because here we are again.
The commentary I am hearing is that the new laws protect people from predators coming into their bathroom. There is plenty of documented evidence about predators in the religious faiths, in youth locker rooms, Congress & Senate, and shall I continue?!!! These categories have been trusted with the care of children and women yet they use their power to violate them. That is a far more urgent issue than bathroom rights.

I have shared such rich interactions with many transgender people and my life is better for it. We are all the same and I am in awe of the trans community’s courage for taking such a stand to be who they are. And I thought my journey was a challenge; well, it’s minor.

We need to take care of each other and not follow the opinions of the fearful and ignorant. You don’t have to be an activist or advocate and you don’t have to join along in conversations that belittle other human beings. You can graciously disagree and not participate. When the fire of hate gets fueled, the flames get larger and larger. If you want to douse the flame, don’t fan it and don’t feed it. Eventually, it will go out. And in this case, it will help those of us who are fighting for LGBT rights know that we are supported by your quiet strength.

To those who are afraid of diversity, I pray that your heart will open and your fear will change to compassion.