Overcoming Obstacles

This week Nyle DiMarco won the Dancing with the Stars Mirror Ball Trophy. I have been a huge fan of this show since its inception. This season the winner had one of those special somethings that guided him to victory. Nyle is deaf and has used visual cues and taps from his dancing partner to guide him through the dance routines.

Watching Nyle is like watching a professional dancer who is fully cognizant of each beat of the music. Yet, this amazing man can’t hear a thing. Nyle teaches us to dream big and to overcome obstacles when life puts them in front of you. Nyle originally wanted to be a math teacher yet with his good looks, he was pointed to America’s Top Model and became the first deaf contestant who won the season.

Nyle looked at his disadvantage as an advantage to help the deaf community. The words he used were “redemption, fearless and working hard”. This win was for the deaf community, not him. His intention is to inspire us all to take whatever disadvantage we have which sometimes can be the disadvantage called fear and work towards the goal/dream while having the fear.

I can hear 100% and I am inspired today to relook at some of the things in my life that have held me back. Sometimes that’s as simple as balancing out stress to make sure that one is grounded to allow all that is good in life to come to us. I wonder sometimes if I did something like Dancing with the Stars, what I would be like on the other side. My life would be transformed, I’m sure way beyond being a better dancer. It’s all about the journey.

Leadership is a dance that includes many components similar to an athletic competition. We need the speed to win the short race and the endurance to win the marathon that business often presents. We need to learn new steps, pivot, change routines and always give 100% of ourselves even when our bodies are worn out.

The best leaders learn how to operate at the speed of light while knowing when to be slow and steady. It’s balance yet at no turn can we ever not practice or take a day off because leadership is everywhere in life. We have to be mindful and present every day even when the fear is very much at the forefront. Just like with dancing, one must have trust in their partner to be able to move together effortlessly and as leaders, we must trust our intuition and choices so our teams can be their best and feel like they get to bring home a Mirror Ball Trophy most of the time.

Thanks, Nyle, for showing me that I can still dream big and overcome my fears.