Animal Medicine

Animals bring us joy often times beyond what words can convey. They are our family, our companions, our best friends, our solace and our joy. There are so many adjectives we can choose from, yet the simple fact is our animals are pure love.

When we go away for vacation, separating from our furry family members is always heartbreaking, whether we are dropping them off somewhere or walking out the door leaving them behind. My eyes always well up with tears when I kiss goodbye to my Weimaranner, Bleu. She is connected to my soul in a way I have never experienced with any other animal. It may be that her 80-pound self is like a young child. Her green eyes are so expressive they immediately melt my heart.

I have learned, through Bleu, to communicate with our eyes. When she is happy, there is an amazing smile that comes over her face. If there is an energy near her that is unpleasant, her frown tells me and I quickly find a way to make her happy again. She entrusts me to care for her and keep her safe. Over the seven years we have been together, I am honored to be her human.

My family commitments in New Jersey take me away monthly for a few days at a time and I go in spurts for business travel. Recently, I had family, business and vacation travel all within a three-week period. As I grow “wiser,” I become more of a homebody, loving quality time at home with my wife and three pets, including Bleu. Before we left for vacation, I sat with Bleu and gently talked with her about the next trip I was taking. I couldn’t even understand why I set myself up to fly home on a Friday and leave for vacation on Saturday morning. Sometimes when it comes to business travel, everything else takes a back seat. It’s supposed to be the other way around but as a business owner the company typically takes a front seat more often.

The first two days we were away, I watched Bleu at her daycare by webcam, which often upsets me more than provides me peace. My Bleu tends to be a wallflower and a loner, much like her Mom! She prefers one-on-one attention. Who would have thought that my dog would be introvert, like me! So I have learned from my personality what she needs. Dog medicine embodies both loving gentleness and fierce protection. The dog is a symbol of unbreakable spirit. If you have a dog on your totem you are probably serving humanity in some way and are not easily defeated.

A few days into our vacation, I was really missing her and rather than wish away a blissful week on the beach with my wife, I decided to converse with her heart-to-heart. As I was on the beach, I closed my eyes and connected with her heart. I knew I found her when I immediately felt more relaxed. I felt at peace. I told Bleu that I missed her and that I would be home in a few days. I assured her that she was in a good place with people who loved her. So she could make it through a few more days as would I. She agreed that having me rest was important to her because when I feel good, she’s happy. And when I return this weekend, the priority will be playtime together, other than a few hours attending a wedding.

Now, I am fully here on vacation knowing that at any time, I can talk to Bleu and she will hear me. Is it silly? Not at all. Taking the time to hug and communicate with our animals is the best medicine I could ever want.