Mind your Social Media

Over the past month, I have received emails and listened to opinions on Social Media etiquette around politics. As far as professionalism goes, everyone needs to be cognizant of what they post on social media. Through the election, I saw respected people posting anger filled comments, pictures showing how their opposing candidate should be harmed, and the list of venom goes on. I dropped many people off my Facebook feed because the postings were so toxic.

Now that the new administration is in place, we have choices. We can either support changes being put in place, continue to complain, or use our voices to speak up for fairness. Over the past eight years there were plenty of people not in favor of President Obama, but the vitriol that has been exchanged throughout the 2016 campaign, transition and day-to- day has caused me to change the channel each night, turn the page of the newspaper to get to the comics and generally close my ears. I am typically very informed, but these days I am cautious as to what type of news I engage with daily. The energy we expend trolling and posting on social media could be much better utilized to impact change in our communities. To be clear, my passion is for equality for all diverse groups, no bullying, healthy workplaces, protecting our environment, small business growth and giving the middle class the advantage. I proudly participated in the Women’s March because we need to be heard and receive the same respect and wages as men. PERIOD!

In my adult life, politics has been disappointing with each administration. We are faced with systems that become more dysfunctional with no end in sight. Regardless of the outcome of this election, the American citizens are still being overlooked. This time around, something inside my soul was activated that it is time to speak up more assertively for those who are not being treated fairly and take action on unfair practices in workplaces.

While I have intense passion for equality and fairness, what I post on social media is about optimism and awareness. We need less negativity and more empathy, listening and focus on commonalities. Let the chips fall where they may, let us do the right thing and act with fairness and compassion in everything we do. Those in Washington will continue to do what they do but we do not have to be held hostage by what the media puts out in front of us or what comes out of the mouth of a politician. We can choose to take control of the outcome and use our voice for positive change.

While you are finding where you best fit in this ever-changing political climate, just remember to "mind your social media" and put your best self forward, because people are watching.