Unpick Your Poison

The term “pick your poison” is often used when choosing a libation.  We have been conditioned to think alcoholic libations put smiles on our face, make us happy, funnier, and bond us to our tribes.  The concept does seem fun and serves a purpose… until it doesn’t.  If you are striving to excel in some aspect of your life, there is no possible way that over indulgence in any unhealthy form will put you on a path of success or fulfillment.  Some learn this early and for some it takes a little longer than others. 

We have so many poisons to choose from in our over stimulating world.  No longer is it just alcohol causing problems in our lives.  Layer on top of that food, caffeine, smart phones, sex, personal development……...and the list expands as your environment changes.  And notice I have on the list personal development which one would think is a positive thing.  When we hide out behind trainings, organized practices, and people while living a physically healthy life, are we avoiding what we need to face? 

The labels of what makes an addict goes on and on at nauseum.  Perhaps we are all addicts because we are breathing.  I don’t know. The fact that I sit here on a Sunday, a day of rest, typing away on my laptop; am I an addict?  Ooops, I reached for my cell phone when it made a noise; there goes my addictive behavior again.  And I gave up alcohol but have a chai latte most every day.  Walking past the Halloween candy and not grabbing for a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup has me proud that I took my power back from that bad ole candy! Oh, that awesome candy! 

In 55 years on the planet and 27 years in business and still proudly in the game, I know what doesn’t serve me anymore and I can tell you that I drank the most when I was around people who were toxic frauds. I needed to tune out their noise or numb out what I knew I needed to do but wasn’t ready. When I cleaned out the poisonous people, the other stuff just kind of stopped.  There was no need to tune out or avoid.  Now, when a toxic person comes into my space, they have no more power.  I graciously shift away, or the universe seems to blanket me with white light and their shit roles off and washes away quickly. 

So, we all have poisons.  It’s up to the individual to decide what poison no longer serves, and sometimes we must do it on our own time and terms.  When you are standing back judging, take a good hard look in the mirror and get honest with yourself.  What are my poisons and what no longer serves my path?  Put a small one aside for a week and see how your life feels.  That minor change can bring you much joy and can propel you into other transformations. One thing we all can agree on is that we could all use more joy and abundant health in our lives.  Go ahead, unpick your poison.