New Beginnings

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Who would have thought that 2018 would be here so quickly?  Forty years ago, I was seeped in the excitement of my upcoming Junior Prom, thirty years ago I was enjoying my new surroundings in Baltimore after relocating from New Jersey. Twenty years ago I met my fabulous wife and ten years ago I was experiencing the beginning of the Recession.   Certainly, there has been a huge amount of good times with smatterings of tough stuff. 

So here we are in 2018 and we all survived a difficult 2017 with constant news coverage about the new White House Administration, childish behaviors from public figures. and the revelation that it was time to interrupt harassment and abuse exposed through the #metoo movement.  Much of 2017 was stressful with an overload of negative information and many of us hanging our heads in the non-stop madness. 

It’s over, it’s 2018 and because of the pain we experienced in 2017, so many of us have experienced “aha moments” and made our voices heard.  Many more people, including myself, came forth with gusto to say, “NO MORE,” to marginalizing behaviors.  We gave voice to the repression that we have felt for decades.  We are seeing the results from our courageous voices with the constant firing of abusive leaders, change in corporate best practices and voting out politicians who are fanning the flames of hatred.  We still have a long way to go but the shift we saw from our push-back is inspiring. 

Don’t tell me that we can’t be who we are fully and don’t even try to bully us or hide behind tweets and emails to demean others.  Truth is you can hide but we know who and where you are and through our passionate voices, courage, and votes, we are taking our country back. 

I’m excited for 2018 because we have more strength and we are changing the conversation with wisdom and inspiration.  I feel empowered this year and while what we see out there is crazy making at times, I have my voice.  And I do see that my voice has the power to change what is not working. It is most impactful when my voice is in harmony with the millions of other voices out there who want positive change. 

Our slate is clean from 2017 and we get to set the stage for 2018.  It’s an exciting time and one where our new beginnings will make for a much more joyful year.