The Business of Snow

When snow hits the ground, immediately the world of business changes especially in the Mid-Atlantic region.  Many businesses close down, including the Federal Government. What I have seen to be most effective is rather than kicking back for a good ole fashioned snow day similar to when we were in school, this is an incredible opportunity to move business opportunities forward.  Those who, like myself, prefer to keep the momentum strong, create exceptional outcomes.  Many people are home who you cannot reach on a typical work day.  They also have cabin fever so hearing about opportunities create a sense of excitement.  There isn't the same distraction of workplace noise or being pulled at with requests/questions.  So when this type of business day gives the temptation to taking a vacation day, if you REALLY want to make something happen in your career, be ahead of the pack and stay focused on your business goal not the snow!!

Love Everyday

This weekend we celebrate Valentine’s Day. As a kid my mom would buy me a red package of cute little Valentine Cards for me to write out for everyone in my class. When February 14th rolled around, the teachers would give us time to pass out our cards and each desk was filled with card in 50 shades of pink and heart shaped treats. It was a fun day to dress in red and say Happy Valentine’s Day to each other and anyone I saw on my path that day. I even remember making my Mom cards and putting a piece of candy on top of her morning newspaper each year. I still send her a card every year. Haven’t missed a year yet, and she’s 90!!! It was always a special day in our house and it was so simply acknowledged in heartfelt ways.

As I grew up it became all about having a boyfriend (yes, I had them way back when J) and exchanging gifts, getting flowers and going to a movie. Even in high school, I knew there was something really missing about Valentine’s Day because if you weren’t dating someone around that time, there was a feeling of not being good enough. Through my Junior and Senior year when I was firmly planted in a relationship, I saw the unspoken sadness in the eyes of some of my classmates who didn’t have a mate. It just didn’t seem fair that this day which was so joyful and silly growing up now was viewed as a badge of honor if you received a red rose or candy from a partner. Before I was married a bunch of us would get together on Valentine’s Day and celebrate our friendships.

Today, being married with the most amazing wife, we chose to downplay Valentine’s Day because EVERYDAY should be a day of love. Every day we should love and value all people, all animals and our planet. What have we become that our personal value is based on how many roses we can acquire, how many diamonds or boxes of chocolate we are given? Oh, let’s not forget the people who criticize their partners because they receive any old box of chocolate and not Godiva. C’mon, what have we become??? There is way too much pressure out there to be seen on Valentine’s Day hand in hand or out having dinner. We don’t go near restaurants that night because it’s just crazy loud and service will be predictably so-so at best. This year my wife and I will spend Valentine’s Day at the Humane Society taking pictures with our animals, taking a walk, being grateful for our health and each other. I’m so excited!

So as this day approaches, if the society’s definition of what Valentine’s Day means does not align with who you are; make it a special day for yourself. Take yourself out for a great cup of coffee, grab your journal, a good book and a good friend or 4-legged companion and celebrate the beauty of who you are, the richness of your soul and the vibrancy of the universe. We should celebrate life this day and every day. EVERYDAY can be February 14th!

Best regards,

See It - Write It - Dream It - Have It

Do you have a dream brewing in your head and have not done anything about it yet?  Is there a new career that you are seeking, is there a perfect mate that you say you want or is it a life change of any kind?  When it stays in your head, it's locked up in your brain.  Write down your wish list and be as specific as possible.  Before I met my spouse, I had written out all the qualities I was seeking in a soul mate.  Within about 6 months, there she was!!  Before we bought our house together, we both wrote a "wish-list" of what we wanted/needed.  In less than a year, there was the house with only 1 item on our mutual lists missing.  In January of 2013, we were busting at the seams in our tiny office space.  Without any evidence that it was the best time to move, we made a declaration and posted it on the wall.  By March of 2013, I signed a new lease in a great office building and we were moved in by May 1st.  Most every morning, I write down my "dream" at the top of the page in my journal and it has been the same thing for the past year.  I know it's going to happen because the signs are there.  Do you believe it yet in the power of declaring it and putting words or a picture to it?  I have always dreamed of an office by the ocean..........I just want to be able to take my thoughts to the water on "one of those days".  This past week I was near the ocean and saw office space for rent.  I took a picture of it as a reminder that while what I have is plenty, I can still dream to be near the ocean during my work day.  I invite you to dream big..........take a risk........write it down, draw it, take a picture and keep it all close as a reminder that the dream is very real and very alive.  Enjoy!!!

Facing Fears

There are times in life when we must face our biggest fears head on or else they grow larger and larger with little hope of leaving us.  No sense in avoiding what needs to change because sweeping it under the rug only hides the issue.  And that sure is a waste of precious time in life to be lived. When I am at a point in business or my personal life where a situation is just not working anymore and not serving the greater good, it is time to make a change.  These changes can seem like a mountain waiting to be climbed yet when one is taking on a challenge, getting to the top or to the finish, all of a sudden does not seem as hard as when we start.  The hardest part can be simply to take the first step.  We all owe it to ourselves to be happy in our careers and in our personal lives so just take the step.  Shed that skin, leave the heavy weight behind and go enjoy life.  There is nothing more blissful than feeling that sense of accomplishment when you have broken through your fears.  I'm doing it and still here to tell you about it so go for it and enjoy the ride!!!

I Have Seen The Light

Have you ever been in the presence of someone who you could feel saw the world from an enlightened point of view?  I had the wonderful opportunity to meet with a client who shared her journey of health issues, loss and her process of healing.  Her words moved my soul in such a way that tears came to my eyes.  I knew that in front of me was more than a woman in a leadership role.  She was speaking from a divine place and I felt her light deeply in my heart.  We shared about our respective relationships with the healing power of prayer and how faith gets you through anything if you speak to God so clearly.  Whatever the outcome in life, is God's plan and it's a beautiful plan whether or not we agree at that moment.  As I write these words I am so humbled by this amazing woman who showered me with her light that afternoon.  I am grateful for her because she affirmed for me that we can talk about prayer in the workplace and we can heal our broken hearts with prayer.  Thank you God, for allowing me to be in the world of business this way.