Looking Iin All Directions

As another storm approaches, I think "here we go again".  Snow falls and business gets impacted.  The best thing a CEO can do is focus on all areas of the business.  While one area may be impacted, what are the other areas that can be developed and grown?  Having all of ones' eggs in one basket is a dangerous strategy whether that is in business or life.  Look around, tap into new areas, try new things, take new risks, end stressful relationships.  It all works together positively when we are willing to make the changes and step in the new direction.  I have had to do it many times in business and I will continue to do that throughout my career.  As I have matured, the changes offer new adventure and challenges. Though this month marks AdNet's 24th anniversary, my role has changed so many times because it was necessary to take new risks.  I invite you to look in every direction today for a new opportunity or a new thought which triggers a new direction.  Make it fun and "Let It Snow"!!!

Pulling the Trigger

Sometimes the best step is simply taking a step.  How many times have you hesitated only to let a good opportunity pass you by?  How many time have you waited because of your fear or at least your perceived fear?  Have today be the beginning of  a time in your life when you take the step and don't let the fear drive you?  You can move forward while still having fear.  Be aware of it and make sure you have the proper data to give you some type of safety net in the event there is a bump in the road.  Never go in blind.  Make the choice after you have researched and really thought it through.  Then trust your instincts.  For today...........take the step, pull the trigger and let yourself fly!!!!

Conscious Venture Lab

I attended the kick-off event for Conscious Venture Lab which is the brainchild of Jeff Cherry.  Howard County has asked the group to help promote entrepreneurial growth in Maryland.  The program consists of 5 new ventures that are creating and growing conscious businesses focused on the greater good of people rather than the money.  As a business owner, money is important to keep a business thriving, yet when we make choices that are for the good of the people rather than greedily putting money in our own pockets, that creates a healthier culture.  It was refreshing to hear the organizations chosen for the program which is geared around healthy growth and visionary success.  To be in the company of like minded people was truly a gift.  When I left for my long ride home, I was empowered by the stories and further inspired by entrepreneurialship at all levels.  I am looking forward to participating in the program and deeply honored to have been asked to be a mentor for the program.  Kudos to you, Jeff.  I stand with you all the way!!!  http://www.consciousventurelab.com/

Ignorance In NOT Bliss

It takes many types of people from all walks of life to make a workforce run.  Diversity is a big topic which still gets swept under the rug every so subtly.  People of color, women and the LGBT community are speaking out even more to be recognized as equal to anyone else walking the planet.  And why shouldn't we speak out!!  As an LGBT female, I have seen first hand the discrimination that exists in the world of business.  On the personal side, I know what it's like to have someone look right through me as though I am not there or perhaps if they don't make eye contact or take the time to acknowledge my existence, maybe then they don't have to confront their own fears.  It's amazing how ignorant people are about diversity.  Those who practice ignorance can't possible be happy so how did we come up with phrase that Ignorance Is Bliss?? Acceptance and welcoming of all people is blissful.  That is the path I follow and I pray that more of the world will follow it as well.

Forgiveness and Leadership

There are many times when a leader has to make tough decisions to move an organization forward.  People may not always understand or see the decision as something good for the big picture of the organization.  In that moment, the leader stands alone to take the final step.  In 24 years as the CEO, I have had many of those moments and regretfully, some of those strategies backfired.  When I did not trust my gut or I allowed someone else's loud voice to take over what I knew in my heart was the best choice are the things that I have had to make peace with over the years.  Forgiveness is often hardest when we first have to forgive ourselves.  My lesson to anyone in leadership and anyone in the workplace is to trust your instincts.  Each time I walk through my day in full integrity of my instincts, my choices are the best choices, my soul and my organization thrive.  I learned a great deal from some of those bad decisions which at the time seemed like good decisions.  Just remember, if you have a bully in the space; someone who uses intimidation to push through their agenda, it's time to show them the door.