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Tidbits of Joy #6 - Starting a new day

Dear AdNet Employees, Clients and Friends,

The beauty of a waking up is when we have a new day ahead, we can create it however we want.  For now, we have more time at home, whether or not we are growing weary of it,  roll with it.  We might as well find the joy in what the universe has put on our path.  The start of a new day allows us to start over with how we lead our teams, show up to our co-workers (even virtual meetings are an opportunity to shine) as well as how we approach our personal relationships or habits.  And those of us who are leaders, make sure your communication is clear, confident and compassionate through crisis.

You know those pieces of candy you are enjoying way too much while you are at home?  Well, if a few extra pounds have comfortably nestled themselves on your body, you can change that at any time, with no pressure.   Have fun with it and pick up a piece of fruit instead or go for a walk or both!!!  If there is a house project or creative outlet you have been yearning to do, give it a whirl.  You may find a healthy distraction from COVID to bring ease to your days.  I pulled out my mandolin from the closet.  It’s right here next to my desk and this week I’ll strum a few chords.  If the kids are home and you need to find something new and different to keep them engaged, say the word “education” into your cable remote and there will be a wide range of options to explore.  If you want to make the next new day count, click on this link called New Start.  You’ll like what it has to offer.  https://www.newstart.com/

On the next sunny day, I ask that you stop working for 30 minutes and take a walk outside.  Listen to the sounds of Spring, feel the warmth of the sun and look at the blooming flowers and budding trees.  Nothing is more important than that small gift of a beautiful day.  Maya Angelou shared her wisdom on life…….

Life is not measured by the number of breaths you take but by the moments that take your breath away.

Forget the number of days we have all been home!! Let’s count how many times we smile and allow life and love to take our breath away.

We wish you and your families much good health, love and resilience.