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Dear AdNet Employees, Clients and Friends;

We have had an abundance of beautiful days and clear fall evenings with brilliant sunrises, sunsets and bright stars. When I look into the night to observe the stars, periodically I am gifted with the twinkles and occasional shooting star…………that takes standing with patience to see the brilliance.

Over the past week I noticed a theme of people reflecting on challenging journeys along the way that impact who they are at this point in life. There are the ebbs and flow of our light shining bright and there are the times when there’s barely a spark. We adjust, we change, we recreate and we carry-on often having those moments of sheer exhaustion and sadness. It happens to the best of us, and this past week was one of those for me. Life can fill us with endless love, joy, and everywhere we turn we hear YES YES YES to everything we ask for and then there are days when the rug gets pulled out from underneath us when we least expect it or though you know something is going to shift, the change breaks our heart anyway knowing that sometimes the change is out of our control.

Most of the time when we are faced with loss or change, it knocks us over for a while, yet while we are in the ashes, we find the strength to rise up and recreate ourselves into someone even more majestic, much like the Phoenix. Life hands us a pile of garbage (my New Jersey roots would use another word 😊) at times but on the other side of the lessons and the loss, our journey often leads us to something or someone better. Trust me, at age 36 I found my soulmate and 24 years later, she’s still my best everything!!! Along the way, my heart was stomped on, and I didn’t think my light would shine again. How wrong I was but I had to have those experiences to find my light. The recession of 2008 pummeled me, and this wonderful company called AdNet. I cried rivers as they say and I had to be hit over the head to discover new directions, clean out a toxic workplace and move us into new lines of business which keep us on solid ground even as the world is unsettled. Life happens and sometimes we need to take deep breaths and step back for a bit. It’s okay to do that. Asking for what we need often reaps welcomed sets of hands to offer support.

I want to remind us that amidst the times when we may not be at our brightest, there is always a star within that is ready to be shined up and repositioned to light the way. The more we say YES to what we need, the quicker we will attract exactly what and who we need. That I know in my heart.