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After our state was issued the Stay at Home directive due to COVID-19, I needed to find a away to communicate from my heart to our customers. Sending the typical “steps we are taking”email blast didn’t seem like enough. We were all experiencing the isolation and drastic shift to our everyday lifestyles and I felt a need to be honest about my own feelings knowing many of our employees and customers were having various struggles.

Every Monday night is my time to write the email that goes out to a list which grows weekly. It’s scheduled to be sent 7:00am the following morning. A few weeks it was a struggle to find joyful inspiration. On April 16th, my mother tested COVID positive and we didn’t know what each day would bring. Focusing on giving to my customers eased my own worry which gave me strength each day. On May 2 nd , my mom was retested and found to be COVID negative. She got to be in the “recovered” column…….yippee!!!! You’ll notice the change in my TidBits during that time.

TidBits of Joy #1

Dear AdNet Employees and Clients,

As we enter into a second week of social distancing and the unknown, this is a daunting time testing the resolve of many.  Our intention is to be on this path together as we shift our days to a temporary new normal.  Remember, we will get through this together!!

We encourage everyone to use this time at home to acquaint yourself with new practices and routines to support healthy body, mind and soul.  Write down or say to yourself 5 things you are grateful for each day and ice cream can be on the list.  😊  Practicing gratitude will help us all to keep immune systems strong and release healthy energy into the universe.  Over the period of time we are all at home, here are a few suggestions to bring a little light to your days.




  • The Calm app offers meditations for good sleep, reducing stress, and relaxation.  www.calm.com
  • www.grow.acorns.com – find online mental health support, including tips on reducing stress while at home
  • www.ally.com – financial health checkup



  • www.TED.com – You can find anything from soup to nuts on this inspiring website.
  • Prayer



  • Tuesday mornings are the best times to book travel.  Think about your next vacation.  😊

Send me any recommendations you have and I’ll insert your suggestions in the next email I send out.

Call us even just for friendly conversation.  We are here to help however we can.